Retrospective by Tim Cornbill (Part 2)


These images are from a project undertaken by Tim Cornbill using archive photography of Birmingham City Centre and aligning them with modern day positions. We plan to show you the entire series on the website over the coming months.


The photograph shows the Station surrounded by hoardings in preparation for its demolition. The station opened in 1852 with the building shown here, the Great Western Hotel, being added in 1863. It was demolished because the Snow Hill line was, at that time, put out of use, with the building used as a temporary car park until its full demolition in 1977.


The school was designed by Charles Barry, architect of the Houses of Parliament, with the interior being contrived by Augustus Pugin. It was later replaced by King Edward house, an office block, and the Odeon cinema. It’s a prime example of Gothic architecture.


If you look closely, the statue of James Watt can been seen twice in this photograph. The first is in its original position, in the historical photograph on the right, and the second is in its current position outside the Central Library. Watt’s changes to the design of the steam engine made it more efficient and cheaper to run, ushering in the industrial revolution.




Tim Cornbill. Photographer. Architect.

Tim Cornbill is a photographer based in Birmingham, UK, specialising in the field of architecture. Tim has over 11 years of experience in the field of photography and is also a qualified architect. Tim’s photographs have been published on magazine covers, in newspapers and journals, as well as many websites.

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