Temper my Birmingham


My intention and reason for writing this piece for Brumpic is firstly to explain my instinctive journey to Birmingham as an Artist and creative thinker. I will expose a little bit about me finding myself in Birmingham and why the city became my creative home and why I stayed anchored to this amazing place.

I also feel to say how honoured I was for Brumpic to ask as I have never been asked for my words before now. Brumpic really caught my attention as I love documentation of past things and important culture which they do!


My relationship with art has always been very complicated, however in the best part of it I have to take responsibility. I could blame pride, education, birth-right or the people around me, however the truth is,- I should have always followed my own natural sat nav.


With age I have found myself understanding it is all less complicated than I previously thought.


The young me was taught to limit my thinking & stay private with my ideas, curiosity & creative exploration. I have always felt the compressed feeling of this and never understood a place to comfortably be open with artistic or creative voice.


I was born an artist in the wrong place, with the wrong education and wrong people – however my life changed. After years of hiding, my partner Kerry found me. She said ‘You can’. In short, I had permission for once to set a pathway.


It’s a complicated road I’ve walked – naivety, belief and pure sincere giving. An artist doesn’t need why? it does, it gives driven by a unknown energy.


Misjudged or misread, my family and me have sacrificed without reason. I never wanted any more than I deserved, and deserved a lot more than I got, but I still served loyal to my art and family.


There are a million examples to my story and unsung servings, which I’d love to bore you with sometime. I have answered every creative question ever asked, and still have only shown 10% of my capability.


My art story – complex and at times confusing – lead me to Birmingham. The reason, I don’t know, but I know I consciously wiped my feet on the matt before entering, I’ve tried to keep a tidy house, and I’ve been very house proud throughout my professional career. I have always been grateful.


The culture, inventors, artists, history, science – everything caught my imagination so many, many, moons ago. Everything I naturally feel towards is here. This is a thank you. I couldn’t have found more from any place. I will share this, why I am thankful.


My evolving outlook to art, thankfully received to me from the inspiration of Birmingham.


It is not the story of history that is important it is the loyalty and dignity in which the pupil commits.

Curiosity of the unknown always creates understanding in Art.

Understanding nature unconditionally and with spirit.

Discipline to follow every single thought no matter how small.

Be dedicated to integrity.

Skilfully reach inside to be selfish to be unselfish.

Be pleased with your Art and not pleased with yourself.

Remember the mistakes in creation when creating and a natural piece will form.

Never hold back from thinking.

Don’t let other people’s restrictions stop your growth or trying.

Conceptual art is the greatest gift to art, the ability to join the dots uncompromised is a necessity.

Look beyond your own perfections.

Don’t let the tiniest line be wasted, it is the seed of sight through drawing.


Birmingham, this is my thumbnail pic of Brum (in words), you are the most unique place on the planet, and home.


Your loyal servant of Art



Arron Bird ( Temper )


For more information about Temper’s amazing work please visit the Castle Gallerywebsite. You can also follow him on Twitter here.