the accidental gangster



In the early 1960s Ronnie and Reggie Kray are the new princes of the London underworld and business is good.Their clubs and protection rackets stretch from the East to the West end of the Metropolis, but they need to expand. Hemmed in on all sides by the other ever encroaching London gangs they need to break new ground and search further afield. They set their eyes on Birmingham, Great Britain’s second city. Easy pickings or so they think.


The Fewtrells. Eight brothers who have already marked their territory and now stand alone against the vicious onslaught about to be brought down upon their heads from the most feared names in criminal history. The Krays.


The Accidental Gangster brings to life the characters that inhabited the underworld of the 1960s. Set against the back drop of sophisticated swinging London, contrasted by the grittiness of post war Birmingham city, it is a David and Goliath story of greed, power, family and the survival of one man that came from nothing to become one of the most successful club owners in Britain.


The story starts with a chance meeting between Chrissy Fewtrell and Birmingham’s most powerful gang of the day, The Meat Market Mob who were the 1960s version of the Victorian gang called The Barrow Boys. The incident sets off a chain of events that soon escalate out of control. Completely by chance the Krays step into the story. Thinking they can throw their weight around Birmingham, the London gangsters soon realise that taking over the city isn’t going to be all that easy.


A confrontation at Eddie Fewtrell’s Bermuda club leads to hired killers stalking the streets of Birmingham with a contract from the Krays to kill the Fewtrells. After various failed attempts to assassinate Eddie the Krays decide on a more direct approach. The scene is set for a major showdown between the cream of London’s underworld and the Brummie scrappers pulled together by the Fewtrells in what became known in the underworld as The Battle of Snow Hill.


The vicious gangs and characters of Birmingham, the IRA, corrupt police officers, and the Birmingham 1960s gay scene, are all featured in this fast moving historical crime novel that pulls no punches and at last tells a real account of a story that’s been buried in rumour and secrecy for decades.

The Accidental Gangster is the debut novel by Davey Keogh. from Co Offaly his family came to Birmingham in the 1970s where he lived until the age of twenty-one. After leaving school he became a professional musician and has remained a multi-instrumentalist, singer song writer and comedian ever since. He formed the traditional Irish band Wylde Green. The band went on to great success and over the years have performed Irish music all over the world with some of the biggest names in folk music such as the chieftains, Wolf-tones, River-dance and TV and film music sound tracks. David now performs his one man comedy and music show based around a self invented gypsy character called Black Jack Davey. He has performed all over the world with this show and he was voted Most original act by the Scottish News of the World at the Edinburgh fringe festival 2012.


Over the years David has mainly concentrated on writing and producing songs, however over the past few years he has turned his attention to writing literature and his first novel is really making its mark. After only one week on sale and after receiving great reviews from critics across the UK the book is tipped to be in the Amazon best seller list by the end of the month.


The Accidental Gangster is available on Amazon books and all E-Book formats. Or go to for a signed copy.


“Written in the Pulp Fiction style of the era The Accidental Gangster is a fast moving, hard hitting and at times humorous historical crime novel. Exactly what a gangster story should be but very rarely is.” Mike Lock, Evening mail.


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