now live in Southern California and we are experiencing a severe drought this year.  I wish it could rain here like it did that day.


Like so many people, I just wished I, and my family, had taken more photographs years ago. However, I am so grateful that others did take the trouble and their efforts are giving so many of your followers such an enormous amount of pleasure.  I often think about all of the photographs that people have thrown away when clearing out the houses of deceased family members.


For most of my working life I worked for Midlands Electricity in Birmingham.  I remember that the organisation held a huge collection of photographs going back many years. So many things were photographed, buildings, equipment, vehicles and engineering operations. I often wonder what happened to them when the company was disbanded. When I was an apprentice, I accompanied a colleague to the new Birmingham Area Office which was under construction in Summer Lane to take photographs of the building progress. This was in the early 60’s.  I remember the camera was a large wooden one which used plates and was mounted on a tripod.  Those were the days.  I believe the building is now the Centro Headquarters.


by Keith Burley